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Voice Announcer  World Athletics Championships(1).png

Voice Announcer

World Athletics Championships 2015

FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019
Winter Olympics China 2022

Radio DJ

Christopher, Jax Jones, Honne

G-Dragon, One Republic, Disclosure

Talk Show Host(1).png
Talk Show Host - LeTv Grammy Broadcast & Sports Show(1).png
Talk Show Host

LeTv Grammy Broadcast
Rio Olympics Sports Show

Liaison & Translator

Winter Olympics Team China
Handover Ceremony 2018

Official Liaison & Translator 2018 Winter Olympics  Handover Ceremony Team.png

Fiona Dawn - Short Film Reels


Morrison is a fortune-teller who can predict everyone's destiny but his own.
Directed by Lisa Battochio
Full film link: VIEW HERE


A murder in a building rattles tenants and they go on a chasing spree to find out who did it.

Directed by Yordan Yankov
Trailer link: VIEW HERE

Fiona Dawn as Voice Actor - Female Lead

Fiona as female lead voice actor for blockbuster action film Skyfire in 2020


Located on the Pacific Rim volcanic belt, an eruption one fateful day on Skyfire Island brings chaos to tourists and scientists as they try to escape Mother Nature's wrath.

Directed by Simon West
Full film link on Redbox: VIEW HERE


"Works above may include copyrighted material for which specific authorization from the copyright owner has not been obtained. There is only partiality of the work edited as reels and posters with direct link to distributor of the film. We believe that such inclusion constitutes a 'fair use' of the copyrighted material under Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Law. The material is incorporated for actor/voice actor's association with bodies of work, serving a non-commercial and educational purpose, with direct URLs to the official body of work. We maintain that this use aligns with the principles of fair use. 

To view Fiona's Entertainment Creative Deck, click here

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